Right now, 1 billion of the planet's population lives in slums, and that number is projected to grow to 2 billion by 2030 - almost 25% of the projected world population. Slums are not unique to developing countries. Many cities in the US are afflicted with slums, homelessness and neglected neighborhoods due to immigration, displacement, devastation or systemic poverty. Slums jeopardize public health, damage the environment and destroy hope.

We must create efficient, economical, ecologically responsible ways to address the issue of slums and improve the possibilities for 2 billion lives. Archifarm's goal is to improve the built environment one project at a time.

Uninspiring and inadequate public schools, healthcare, housing and childcare facilities that are not purposefully designed reinforce economic barriers. Well-designed architecture can help transform lives, but the cost of design services restricts access to those who can afford it. We imagine the possibilities of making innovative architecture available for all communities … to transform an over-crowded school … coalesce a neighborhood … make a safe playground … showcase cultural heritage … modernize a rural village … localize health facilities … inspire leadership.