Archifarm is comprised of business professionals, architects and interns who are committed to helping communities through design.

The Board of Directors is the foundation of Archifarm. Architects, engineers, and other business professionals participate on Archifarm's Board to establish a clear set of organizational operations and guidance.

Architects build the structure of Archifarm. They are licensed architects who have a passion for continuing education, ecological architecture and the enrichment of the built environment. Archifarm's architects fill the role requirements of an intern's IDP mentor and IDP supervisor. Each architect supervises four to five interns following the NCARB IDP Guidelines.

Mentors aid in sustaining the growth and development of Interns. They provide a basis of support, while continually challenging our interns to stretch their limits. Our mentors volunteer their time to offer interns guidance and friendship. Archifarm is continually seeking professionals from all areas of expertise to become mentors and act as an experienced advisor.

Interns are graduates of National Architectural Accrediting Board (NAAB) accredited architecture programs. They choose Archifarm for an Enhanced Intern Experience (EIE), an incubator environment characterized by a collaborative experience in which the interns and architects are able to learn new tools and ideas from one another. This relationship facilitates Archifarm's interns to develop the skills that are necessary to become successful young architects.