Board of Directors

Kevin Watters, B.Arch, AIA Assoc., LEED®AP BD+C is the Founder of Archifarm and an Officer on the Archifarm Board of Directors. Kevin graduated from Rensselaer's five-year Bachelor of Architecture program with a passion for sustainable design that transcends the status quo. His interest in helping underserved communities derived from his experiences in Peru, where his thesis, Urban Integrity, redesigned San Roque's wastewater disposal through settlement ponds located on a community strip. The community strip is the center for community gardens, school, social and cultural activities. Through his contacts, Kevin is beginning another project in Peru to design a LEED-certified winery that will transform a rural village.

Monica Albizu, B.Arch, AIA Assoc., is the Co-Founder and Secretary of Archifarm. Monica graduated from Rensselaer's five-year Bachelor of Architecture program. Her curiosity to understand the dynamic relationship between earth's natural ecology and the built environment leads her to focus much of her education in sustainable studies. Monica believes in the need for a trans-disciplinary profession, bridging the gap between architects, engineers and ecologists. Architectural aesthetics, structure, and building systems should be designed holistically in relation to site, context and time. Monica's design passion is expressed through her explorations in adaptive building systems, smart materials and deployable structures.

Rusty Bienvenue is the Executive Director of the American Institute of Architects of Houston, and Executive Director of the Architecture Center Houston Foundation.

David Burdick, CPA, is a manager with the CPA firm, Buchanan, Clarke, Schlader LLP. He has been a professional accountant since 2001.

S. Frank Culberson, MBA, P.E. is the Chairman of the Board and former President at Rimkus Consulting Group, an Engineering firm.

Susan Hobart, MBA is the Chair & CEO of Archifarm. Susan has extensive consulting, marketing, sales and general management experience, and is presently on the Board of Directors of three non-profit organizations.

Raleigh Jenkins is the President of ABC Home and Commercial Services in Houston and founder of A Child's Hope.

William O. Neuhaus III, FAIA, LEED®AP, is a Principal Architect at Studio RED Architects. For over the past 20 years, Bill has taught at Texas A&M and University of Houston as adjunct faculty.

Robert Taylor, Jr., AIA, P.E. is a Principal Architect at Chelsea Place Design, Inc.

Barbara Tennant, BA, MA Architecture, is the Principal Architect of Tennant Design

Philip Watters, MBA, P.E., LEED®AP, is the Treasurer on the Archifarm Board of Directors and Senior Vice President of Rimkus Consulting Group, Inc.